Thursday, February 16, 2012

Subjects and Verbs....Verbs and Subjects!!!

Tired of hearing, "They was?" How about, "Mary and Jerry goes?"
Need a different avenue for teaching Subject/Verb Agreement? Thought so! 
I've created lots of word cards that I cut up and disperse amongst small groups in my classroom! They arrange the cards to form simple sentences! Then, your students write the sentences they composed onto these recording sheets! Get it by clicking on the image below!! Have them practice subject/verb agreement as in small groups, pairs, or even work in groups while having them record sentences individually! There are multiple possibilities..
I've have the sentence cards pack of 216 cards (below) that is in both my TpT Store and Teachers Notebook Shop, if you'd like to save yourself some time making your own!! 
Get them here in my TpT Store or click the image below! There are 54 pages of Subjects, Verbs, Prepositional Phrases, Conjunctions, and Modifiers (Adjectives and Adverbs)!
Subject/Verb Agreement Arrange the Cards to Form Simple Sentences
Be sure to download your freebie and remember to use it in multiple ways! 
Have students record sentences from tons of resources while they practice subject/verb agreement!! 
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  1. Another wonderful lesson from an expert English teacher, Ann Marie! Carolyn

    1. Aw, Carolyn, you never cease to send smiles to others! Thanks so much!!


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