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Get to Know This TpT Teacher-Author...

Chadwick Harvey of Literacy Solutions Links

What grade level(s) and/or subject(s) are you currently teaching? What grade levels have you taught prior to this year?           
If currently in the classroom, how long have you been teaching? If not still in classroom, how long did you teach?            
 2 years

When did you join Teachers Pay Teachers as a Seller? What made you decide to become a seller?
I joined Teachers Pay Teachers in August 2011 because I wanted an opportunity to learn from others while also sharing my own products.  As teachers, we invest a lot in our products and I feel we deserve return.

One piece of advice you can give to a beginning teacher & one piece for a veteran teacher:
Beginning teachers: Be open to hearing from others.  Borrow ideas, share ideas, learn as best as you can and you will be just fine as you progress into a veteran teacher.

Veteran teachers:  You obviously know what you are doing having been in the profession for a long time.  You deserve to be compensated more for your tireless efforts.

Something unique about you both as a teacher and outside of the classroom:
Inside the classroom, I never yell and rarely raise my voice at students.  When they get too loud, I use a technique of "60 seconds of silence" in which they put their hands over their mouths.  I prefer an interactive classroom with much collaborative work. 

Outside the classroom, I enjoy traveling.  I have been on a one month long archaeological dig in Israel and on a two week trip to Singapore.  Both hold a dear place in my heart.

If you like, please leave a link to one of your best selling products here:
What other bio information would you like to share?
I love playing basketball.  I received my training for the teacher profession at UNC-Charlotte.  I am currently single with a niece and two nephews that I see as my own children.

Are there any other sites you’d like posted for others to access?
Twitter: @chadwickharvey1

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