Friday, November 23, 2012

Woot! Woot!! CYBER Monday Sale!!

Super brief but important post...
WAIT for it... WAIT for it.....  :)

A Smith Innovative connections teachers pay teachers

We are throwing a huge Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday Sale on Teachers Pay Teachers November 26-27th! 

You can get up to 28% off 1000s of products. 

Have you decided what different things you might need for December? January? Maybe now is a GREAT time to stock up on cute and fabulous activities and lessons for your classroom!


Thanks to Michelle (The 3am Teacher!!) for creating our OH SO CUTE graphic for a linky! If you'd like, check out all the other great stores linked up too!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Binding: Paper Monster Laminator Giveaway!

Guess what???
I have been playing with my new toy!! Yes, a laminator! In terms of toys, it's a favorite among teachers today!
You can see in the pics that I've been busy, and I keep thinking of new items to laminate. Oh no.....How will I get caught up on things? Some way, it'll all come together. In the meantime, I'm laminating! Just know is addicting. (This is your warning!)
innovative connections literary elements subject verb agreement parts

My Binding: Paper Monster Laminator Giveaway!
These are some of my literary elements I have in my store...
I printed them on colored paper!
I <3 how these are working out in my room!
My Binding: Paper Monster Laminator Giveaway!
Love these character trait word cards by Rachel Lynette! 

So, the fabulous news I have to share is-----
MyBinding is going to give one of my lucky followers a laminator. 
Along with my 12 in. laminator, I received a package of 25 --11 1/4 x 17 1/4 pouches and a package of 100 --8x11 pouches. 
See this video regarding the product I've been fortunate enough to use for my classroom and visit the MyBinding web site--

Paper Monster 12 in. Laminator
After you browse the MyBinding site, come back and leave me a comment and tell me how you would use a laminator for your classroom! Also, "like" MyBinding's Facebook page. Simple!
It would be great if you would become a follower of my blog if you aren't already... Then, enter via Rafflecopter! 
Now, for some pics....

Another item I love and was pumped to laminate---Check out these subject/verb agreement sentence parts---Again, I'm a LOUD one, so I printed them on BRIGHT, colored paper! Laminated in these pouches I got, they are super durable--thicker than the lamination used on our school laminator! ;)
  Don't get me wrong, there are tons more pics, but I am trying to keep this brief and to the if you don't already have pictured what you would be laminating.... ;) 
You guys have 3 days to enter this giveway! 
Be sure to enter through Raffecopter below!
A HUGE THANK YOU to MyBinding, and Tarragon from MyBinding, for making this possible!
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