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A little About Me

Currently a Middle School Language Arts Teacher

I've been teaching for almost 13 years, having spent most of that in middle school.
I started my teaching career with the little ones in Kindergarten....Oh how I miss them many days!
Starting out, I taught one year each in K, 2nd, & 5th. Once I moved to 7th grade Language Arts, I pretty much stayed put until bumping to 8th grade. I did, however, get a taste of 10th & 11th English but didn't stay because I had to move back to my home state. I've enjoyed every age I've had the privilege of teaching!!

I love interacting with all of the fabulous teachers I've connected with while blogging and being a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook! I look forward to utilizing the many things I've learned and love being able to share through blogging with fellow teachers! The learning process never stops! ;)



  1. Thanks to Krystal Mills & the Spectacular Spring Giveaway I am new to your blog and will follow on FB and Tweeter as well!! :-)

  2. Great!! I'm so glad to have you Diane! Thanks for stopping by and following me!!! :)

  3. Hey, Ann Marie!
    Saw you on the Seller's Forum and rushed over to follow! I'm a Mississippi girl, too! Do you live in MS now?? I teach 1st grade in Brandon and have just recently started this whole blog/TpT thing! I'm a little in love...HA! Addictive!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  4. Laura, I'm floored right now! We teach in the same little town in MS!! Who knew? We have to chat! At the moment, I'm speechless!!! LOL! Never would have thought---- I'm so glad you saw a post in the forum and came and told me!!! that's awesome!

  5. Ann Marie, That's too funny!! I'm leaving you my county email-let's talk soon!


  6. I chose you for an award! Come check it out :) http://alwaysalesson.com/2012/07/04/my-first-award/

    Always A Lesson

  7. I just began following you on Pinterest. You have a fabulous collection of boards. I would love to be added to any/all of your collaborative pinterest boards if possible. My Pinterest name is Tangstar Science.


    I'd be grateful for your consideration.


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