Sunday, February 26, 2012

An Innovative TpT Seller to Get to Know...

What grade level(s) and/or subject(s) are you currently teaching? What grade levels have you taught prior to this year?        
Currently: Substituting and tutoring. Taught in the past: English I, 8th grade English, and PK-2.

If currently in the classroom, how long have you been teaching? If not still in classroom, how long did you teach?                       
In the classroom since 2008

When did you join Teachers Pay Teachers as a Seller? What made you decide to become a seller?
In 2009, a co-worker of mine was sharing some kinder activities with me, and I thought they were fabulous. She told me she found them on TpT for free, so of course, I signed up immediately.

I didn't become a seller until 2010, when I was teaching English. I didn't have the materials I needed to teach the class, so I made my own. Eventually, I thought, "Why not post them on TpT to help others?" I've been a TpT seller ever since!

One piece of advice you can give to a beginning teacher & one piece for a veteran teacher:
One piece of advice I'd give to a beginning teacher is to relax and be flexible. (If I could go back in time, this is the advice I'd give to myself.)

One piece of advice I'd give to a veteran teacher is to not be afraid to change with the students. Students are always evolving, and teachers should be, too!

Something unique about you both as a teacher and outside of the classroom:
As a teacher, I really like to incorporate technology into my lessons. I just see so many uses for it, and I think that -- in most cases -- it's exciting for the students! I also really enjoy "out of the box" assignments; I appreciate creative lessons that are exciting!

Outside the classroom, I love to create websites and dabble in digital design. It's a new hobby, but I am really loving my time spent playing with Photoshop!

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Are there any other sites you’d like posted for others to access?

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