Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Little Humor from a Favorite Book...

You know those books that you just have to pick up sometimes, read a smidgeon, have a giggle, and then maybe you feel like you can regain your sanity?

Well, one of those books for me is Hide Your Ex-Lax Under the Wheaties: Poems about schools, teachers, kids and education by Cheryl Miller Thurston.

I thought I'd share a tidbit from it, as I read quite a few today, and it wouldn't be fair not to!!  As teachers, educators, etc., we can all appreciate the lighter side of life---I hope! If these make one of you smile, then I've accomplished what I wanted:

         Attention Deficit Disorder
Can all my friends' kids really have A.D.D.
 (Unless they are gifted instead)?
Aren't anyone's children "rambunctious" or "spoiled"
  (Or "sharp as a tack" or "well-read")?

and one of the best ones from the book:

You don't need a number two pencil for life.
An "A" will not find you a husband or wife.
You won't find fulfillment in filling in bubbles.
And "all of the above" is no answer for troubles.

For life is a Ferris wheel. Life is a laugh.
Life is a wonderful, wandering path.
Life is a mystery. Life is a mess.
What it is not is a standardized test.

I recommend a book or two or five such as the title above! It always helps to read a snippet here and there and just see humor in some situations!

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