Saturday, April 14, 2012

Teaching Allegories by Writing Allegories

"Using Picture Books to Teach Allegory..." post on March 21st promised a follow up with student samples. I've finally gotten a chance to take pictures of some of the allegories my students wrote. Then,  I had to email them to myself, etc. You know the drill-as far as getting pics on your computer! 

I have tons of great student work, but here are 5 snippets. After I'd taken pictures, one of my students brought in a POP-UP Children's Book---Allegory with Waffles as characters! How stinkin' cute is that?  He spent hours, and it showed! I will have to be sure to get a picture of it too! 

Innovative Connections Ann Marie Smith Students Write Allegories, Children's Book, Great Student Work
Poster Display with Allegory Attached

Allegory, Story Writing, Poster Display, Follow Up Post
Poster Display With Allegory Attached
Children's book, students created, Crayons
This one is a page in the children's book one of my students created.
Crayons were her Springboard!

Ten Little Monkeys, Poster Display, Results
Poster Display with Allegory Attached.
Variety of approaches, activity, Skittles
Snippet of Cover for Another Allegory!

Hope you like these! Quite of a variety of approaches were taken for this activity, and I was impressed with the results. 


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