Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Series of Educational Sites: "C"

By the National Center for Family Literacy!
I am an email subscribed reader and enjoy the “Wonder of the Day” on this siteit’s pretty cool!
For Example:
4/26/12   #571
Should You Believe Everything You Hear?
4/25/12   #570
How Fast Can a Nose Run?
Some of these daily wonder posts come with  pictures, videos, etc. Many "Wonders" are quite informative and most useful, and others are totally unique in that they include cool points to ponder or interesting tidbits to learn! I love the Wonder "Why is it so fun to monkey around?" (I adore animals if you didn't already know!) It’s like a small dose of “Get your brain exercising” that never hurts any of us to get on a daily basis!
There’s even a Twitter Wonderfeed: @wonderopolis
So, Question: What is something (maybe bizarre or truly mysterious) that you have always wondered? 
Imagine all of the journal prompts and creative writing activities you could do in class just with this as a springboard! 
You can download this printable for FREE in my TpT Store or directly from GoogleDocs! 
Innovative Connections Ann Marie Smith Free Printable Wonderopolis Have you ever wondered about....

Please tell us in a comment below! I’m sure someone will either have wondered the same or become entirely curious too!

Have a great day! 


  1. Love this website!! The endless possibilities for writing prompts and great discussion starters. Thank you for sharing!

    Thinking Out Loud

    1. Thanks, Jana! You're awesome for stopping by!!!!

  2. Great idea to have a writing activity to accompany the website. This would make a nice every day class warm up and get the students enlgaged in learning quickly. This is also good for gifted ed and higher level thinking. Carolyn


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