Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diggin' in the $1 Bin Again...

     I'm sure many of you recall the link up for "You Know You are a Teacher When..."
Well, mine was about digging in the dollar bins at Target and shopping at Dollar General ALL the time!
     Did it again this week! I went to Target for an item or two and spent 30 minutes in the dollars bins....YEP! I couldn't even get all the way into the store and beyond the checkout area! Stopped by the newly filled dollar bins! LOVE LOVE LOVE...
     There's something about atmosphere that changes my mood. At home, it's a habit for me to cut every lamp on and have a clean (furniture polish-smelling clean) house. At school, I change things up all the time! I've been hunting some of these below at a bargain price. They are a little smaller than what I wanted but, $1 will make you holler!!!!! I bought twelve!
Here's what I'm about to hang in my classroom:
Innovative Connections Ann Marie Smith
Hot Pink, Yellow, and Lime Green Paper Lanterns! YES!

Instant change in atmosphere
I would've bought more, but 12 will work I guess!
They take all of 2 secs to put together, string them with fishing line and hang! Instant change in atmosphere. An inviting classroom really does make a HUGE difference. 
Next on my list? A miniature wind chime! Yes, the teacher across the hall has one and it's super!

What is something cool you have in your room at school? Tell us where you got it so we can go get it!! 

Inviting classroom makes a huge difference

FYI, to those of you participating in the weekly post for the "Innovative Teacher-Author You Should Get to Know," I have decided to make it a monthly (maybe 2X/month) post instead of every week! So, don't think I've forgotten you!


  1. So fun, and it is the time of year to add a little interest to the classroom. My daughter in law art teacher uses different colors of paper lanterns over tables to have different groups for getting materials, lining up, and so on. Fun! Carolyn

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! Tell me about it....anything to spark some interest as we smother them in state testing!!! :) Thanks so much!


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