Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Connecting You to a Series of Spectacular Educational Sites: A quizlet blog, utilizing technology ann marie smith
Educational Site: "A"
Utilizing fun, interactive, and educational web sites in the classroom and at home is important for engaging children in learning!  "Why?" you ask. Well, besides the fact that it is indeed 2012, our students were born and immediately exposed to "boocoodles" of technology gadgets and gizmos that most of us probably couldn't fathom being invented when we were kiddos! Boy would I have loved some of today's "toys" when I was a tot! MOST importantly, we are all learners and we learn in different manners! I, for one, have to have interactive material and visual material if you want  me to learn and truly understand some things! And...students need stimulation! Since they come to us with a wealth of knowledge in technology by middle school and high school, already exposed to tons of it from birth on up, we have to incorporate it into our lessons today! It's what they know! 

I'm am beginning a series of posts featuring resourceful, interactive, and/or hopefully fun teacher resource sites or student-friendly sites of various sorts that you can use in your lessons and classes for multiple things! 

Today's Post is obviously "Educational Site: A" to represent day #1! It's just a series of posts I've decided to incorporate with the other things I like to blog about here.  (No particular schedule) However, you'll recognize them by the titles! So, if you haven't already, maybe you can keep track by following via email! 

So, Today's Educational Site: A:

PERKS You'll Love...

  • Cool Tool for Mobile Studying
  • Teachers can create materials
  • Students can create flashcards and other items
  • Games
  • PDF printables
  • Smart Board Options
  • You can set up groups
  • It offers competitive study games 
  • Demo Videos
  • AND...there is Quizlet BLOG 
  • and on and on and on and on
How many of you knew all this already? If you didn't, then I've accomplished something today, and that was to show you a useful educational site that you will certainly enjoy!

It is packed full of teaching resources/materials and student resources/links/etc. Wow! This site is actually one I always keep on my classroom web site in my student resource list!

If you are a QUIZLET fan already, can you tell us how you use it and your favorite thing about it?

quizlet smart board games flashcards interactive innovative connections


  1. Hi A.M. Thanks for stopping by! I love your new idea for posts! :)

    The Science Penguin

    1. Great, I'm so glad you like it! And, I appreciate you stopping by too!


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