Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Series of Educational Sites-"B: Arcademic Skill Builders!"

Hello to All! I hope you saw the first of my "Series of Educational Sites" Posts which featured post "A:  Quizlet!"  
Today's "A Series of Educational Sites" post: 
"B: Arcademic Skill Builders!"  (Yes, ARCADEmic...)
Innovative Connections Common Core Grades 1-6 Games
Visit Arcademic Skill Builders' Facebook Fan Page!
This cool place is an interactive site full of engaging educational games for children. From Grades 1-6, you will find ALL sorts of games across the board in subject area!
Why Incorporate this Interactive Web Site?

 An Example: VERB VIPER!
Educational Site Arcademic Skill Builders Remediation Tool
Arcademic Skill Builders' Verb Viper Game!
Awesome link to tell your students about just to let them play games at home! 
I'm thinking this would be a fantastic remediation tool or bonus point option for class! A free time center? Hmmm.....
This kind of learning is what my colleagues and I refer to as "Sneaky Learning" because you can slide in those skills they need as they "PLAY" games and have fun! 

Have you used Arcademic Skill Builders before? Please let us know how you used it! What kinds of games do your students like to play?          ________________________________________________________
Also, while I've added this site's link to it, be sure to visit the 
Top Teacher Resources' Facebook Page!
Stay tuned for another post on "A Series of Educational Sites" from Innovative Connections! Thanks for stopping by my blog! 
Top Teacher Resources Facebook Page Students desired challenge

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