Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easily Manage Your Classroom Library with a Simple System!

FREEBIE PDF Chart in Google Docs Easy to manage
Download from Google Docs Here! 

If you have a set of bookshelves in your classroom, designated as the "Classroom Library" for the students to use, you may like this chart I have loaded in a pdf format. Instead of having to remember to write down a book title and student name when someone wants to check out one of my personal novels in the classroom, I keep a 1/2" binder with multiple copies of this chart inside. Of course, my students always know to ask before borrowing a book, but if they want to read one of my books at home, more power to them! They just get my approval and fill out the chart with the student name, book title/author (book # if you are that organized!) and the check out date. When the books are returned, students fill in return date and have me initial beside the return date before the book is returned to the shelf! Easy to manage and less for me to remember is what I'm all about these days!
Teachers Initial beside the return date, easy to manage, Cover PageI've uploaded this FREEBIE  in Google Docs, so you don't even have to go to my store to get it! I created a cover page to slip in the clear pocket on the cover of a binder you may use or it can be taped on front of a folder! Hope you can use it!
Please let us know if you have a tip to share for keeping up with those "tedious" things that eat up time, but still need to get done! I'd love to hear new ideas as I'm sure others would like to know too! Have a great day!
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  1. Great, simple idea Ann Marie. I do something similar in my class. I have numbered tabs in the the binder, though, that correspond to the students' numbers. They each have their own sheet to fill out. This way, it kind of doubles as a reading log of books from our class library, as well as a checkout system.


    1. Love your 2 for 1 idea on the book log! Thanks, Krystal! Glad you stopped by! :)

  2. Thank you! Printing this right now. Two days before school starts this is a lifesaver. :-)

    1. Great!!! Glad it will help you out and thanks for letting me know! :) Hope you have a great first day!!


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