Saturday, December 03, 2011

I Received the Sunshine Award from Vicky at Scipi!!!

A very big THANK YOU to Vicky at Scipi for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!! 

She has truly been great in advising me and encouraging me as a TpT seller. Thank you, Vicky!   Vicky, aka Scipi, has a super teaching blog! Check it out! 

For the Sunshine Award, I was to post my answers to the following questions:

            What is your favorite color?
              Hard to answer: Purple, Cobalt Blue, Red
            What is your favorite animal?
              Again more than 1 answer: 
               I Have 5 Dogs & a Kitten, so...Dogs & Cats
            What is your favorite number?
              I guess 4; 4 quarters makes $1, 4.0 is a perfect rating  on TpT and a perfect score on the state writing test; 4 seasons in a year, and I could keep going...
           Facebook or Twitter?   
            Your Passion?
              Besides teaching, I find peace and "stress therapy" (lol) in painting, and gardening! 
            Giving or Getting Presents?
              Giving....but it's fun to unwrap too! I am a kid at heart!
            Favorite Day?
                  Saturday is my favorite weekDAY; Christmas is my favorite holiDAY; that first warm weather day at the end of Winter/beginning of Spring is another favorite DAY of the year! I always catch that Spring Fever!!! 
      I get to pass this award along to other fabulous blogs. Two blogs and people I think "Shine" and so receive the Sunshine Award from me are:
       *Teacher Park by Ruth Spears
       *Wise Owl Factory by Carolyn Wilhelm
      Both of these ladies are gracious in sharing ideas, supporting fellow TpT Sellers, providing advice and/or comments via TpT forums, Facebook, etc. I have gained invaluable knowledge and inspiration from visiting their blogs, observing their techniques, and seeing their wonderful ideas! They have lots to share on their blogs, inspiring teachers everywhere! 


  1. Thanks for letting me learn a little more about you. May you have a blessed Christmas and restful holiday vacation.

  2. Thank you so much and the same to you as well!

  3. Ann Marie! Thanks so much for giving me the Sunshine Award! ! I loved reading your information! I'll spread more sunshine by giving this award to others. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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