Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rated a Top Ten!! See These Top Ten Rated Blogs...

A Fabulous Fellow Teacher/Blogger, Louise Morgan of The Frugal Teacher, awarded me the "Rated a Top Ten" Blog Award!! Thank you very much, Louise! I am honored and have only waited a week to post because I just passed along the "Lovely Blog" award...didn't want to "toot my own horn" too much! Again, Thanks Louise at The Frugal Teacher. Teachers, check out her blog!  I have chosen some spectacular blogs that most of you may be familiar with but felt as though they should definitely be sporting some "My Blog is Rated a Top 10" they are definitely 10's!! They are as follows:

Terri's Teaching Treasures

Hunger Games Lessons by Tracee Orman

Jennifer Runde of Runde's Room

Sally's Elementary Matters

Mrs. J's 5th Grade Chalk Talk

A Middle School Survival Guide

The Polka Dot Owl

Leanne Baur's Teaching Tales

Lorraine Vasquez's Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

A Modern Teacher

Please Stop by TBA's Blog for Award Details and Grab Your Award to Post on Your Blog!
Have a great Friday and Weekend!! Happy St. Patrick's Day (early...)--Wear you green!!!


  1. Yay! Congratulations on all of the awards :) You definitely deserve it!

    Teaching in Room 6

    1. Awww, Thanks Stephanie!! You are sweet! Tried to pass along to you, but you were listed in same one as me for either lovely blog or top 10, can't remember now, nevertheless, CONGRATS to you as well!

  2. Ann Marie! Oh, I'm so excited! No really. I am inspired by YOU! Everything you create seems to be so much fun. I know if my kiddos were in 8th grade, I'd want them to be in your class! Thanks so much for the award. I am really honored!! Now, I'm heading to TBA's site. Have a wonderful weekend! ~April from

    1. Yay! Well, I'm so flattered! Thanks! You deserve it as much as any of us! Thanks again! Be well!

  3. Thanks so much, Ann Marie!! You are very deserving and I am very flattered you thought of me! I will post this when I get a chance (may have to wait until after The Hunger Games movie, though!! LOL). You are awesome & always so positive...such an inspiration to everyone. :)


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