Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Innovative Teacher to Know: TpT Seller Jennifer Kadar

Jennifer Kadar 
What grade level(s) and/or subject(s) are you currently teaching? What grade levels have you taught prior to this year?
If currently in the classroom, how long have you been teaching? If not still in classroom, how long did you teach?
9 years    
When did you join Teachers Pay Teachers as a Seller? What made you decide to become a seller?
I started on TpT because I wanted an outlet to share the fun (and crazy rigorous) activities I do in kindergarten. Lot's of things in kinder are cute and cuddly, but with the expectations increasing there is an increase more rigor in the activities we are doing. (Sorry... many teachers HATE the word rigor, but for me it means just taking what's fun and adding an additional piece to accomplish this.) 
One piece of advice you can give to a beginning teacher & one piece for a veteran teacher:
Advice for a new teacher... don't give up. Your first years are the hardest. Learn to know when to speak up and when to lay back and go with the flow (Use the THINK philosophy - thoughtful, helpful, innovative, necessary, and kind.)  Advice for a veteran teacher... don't give up. Learn to roll with the punches. Be positive, life is about perspective!    
Something unique about you both as a teacher and outside of the classroom:
I have taught at the National I Teach Kinder Conference in Las Vegas. That was super cool (and super scary.) Outside of the room, I used to be a drag racer. Not famous by any means, but I was featured on ESPN once. If you ask my mom, she will show you the tape!

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