Thursday, October 27, 2011

New: Party Posts to Innovative Connections!

"Get to Know Our TpT Friends" Party Posts! 
       Any TpT Teacher-Author is encouraged to be a "Teacher-Author Friend" for Innovative Connections!  My hopes in doing this are for most of us to get to "know" each other ---(via internet I guess--ha!) & learn from each other!!
      The upside for you? More exposure & traffic, not to mention a wealth knowledge from featured TpT Friends!!  Tons of TpT sellers out there have tons of knowledge yearning to be exposed!  That's what TpT is for, right?? 
All grade levels & subject areas are encouraged to participate!
      I contemplate all the time about moving back to 2nd grade & I'm teaching 8th grade!! We never know! So, there's lots to learn from teachers of all grades & areas!  Take a second, fill in the Entry Form (Also Found on Top-Right Sidebar of My Blog), AND...Let's begin our "Get to Know Our TpT Friends" Party Postings!
      Due to the number of entries, I'll be submitting these "party posts" bi-weekly instead of weekly as I had originally planned! I don't want anyone to sign up and it take 2 months to get posted. That's no fun!! Plus, once you are posted, you & your link are on my blog for future access by all visitors!
Thank you so much in advance for your participation!

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