Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Best Piece of Advice for Sellers?

What is your best piece of advice for TpT Sellers, especially new sellers?
or email it to me:
Include a link to your blog or store in message so people can visit you!
TpT Sellers Advice:
1. Create & Wait!
2. Make your main free item a product that is really amazing so that buyers will want to look at your other products.  -Science Stuff
3. Create a quality freebie that truly represents your work. -Go Figure
4. Getting your links out there so they show up on Google searches is important. If people  can't find your products, they'll never know how wonderful they are! -Tracee Orman 
5. My best advice is to create QUALITY items. I see so many people who make cutsey stuff just to be cute, but not stuff they would use to teach in their classroom. Everything I post is something I would use or have used in my classroom. If you post things you would use, other teachers will want to use them too. -Heidi Raki
6.Offer more than one of your products for free so customers can see the quality of your products! -Lori Wolfe
7. Quality is better than Quantity! -Terri's Teaching Treasures
8.I've been making my own stuff for years--for my OWN classroom. If you need it, chances are, someone else will, too! -Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures


  1. I'd love to "get my links out there so they show up on Google searches." How do I accomplish this? What does it mean to "get my links out there?"

    I'm new at this and appreciate all the advice.

  2. Emily,
    Check out some of the forum threads asking for your products to post in linky parties of sellers' blogs! And, add your links to your products. Most of the products I've downloaded also have them at the end of their products, as I also try to do.


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