Monday, November 07, 2011

Innovative Teachers to Know: TpT Sellers Wise Guys

Wise Guys
What grade level(s) and/or subject(s) are you currently teaching? What grade levels have you taught prior to this year?
We both currently teach 5th grade. We have taught 4th grade through 6th grade before.     

If currently in the classroom, how long have you been teaching? If not still in classroom, how long did you teach?
Combined we have over 30 years of teaching experience.

When did you join Teachers Pay Teachers as a Seller? What made you decide to become a seller?
We joined in November of 2009. We had heard about it from a co-worker who encouraged us to share our ideas outside of our school district. So we decided to try it. It has not only helped us network with other teachers, but it has helped us to become better teachers as well!

One piece of advice you can give to a beginning teacher & one piece for a veteran teacher:
Advice for a beginning teacher is to have a mentor (a teacher in the same building who can help you your first few years), a good support network at your school, and to not get discouraged. We all had our bumps along the road, but the benefits of working with children far outweigh the bad days scattered here or there.
Advice for a veteran teacher is to stay involved and thrive off the energy of the newer teachers. Make sure to share ideas and to collaborate with co-workers. It makes for such a better work atmosphere. Plus there are so many great ideas out there, we'd hate to miss one that we could use to improve our teaching.

Something unique about you both as a teacher and outside of the classroom:   
We both love sports and love to golf. That was one of the reasons we signed up for TPT, to earn a little extra money for golf!

Link to one of your best selling products:

What other bio information would you like to share?
We both have two children each (boy and girl) and love to spend our free time with family. We are bracing for another cold Wisconsin winter!

Are there any other sites you’d like posted for others to access?

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