Thursday, June 14, 2012

Snatch Some Valuable Info and Learn from a Fab Innovative Teacher-Author!

Get to Know  
Rachel Friedrich of Sub Hub 
Snatch Some Valuable Info and Learn from a Fab Innovative Teacher-Author!
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A Little Bit About This Innovative Teacher-Author from San Antonio, Texas... 
"I'm married to a wonderful man and have been for nearly 18 years! We have 2 beautiful children, a dog and a cat. My husband is also a teacher, so it runs through our blood! In the classroom, I am commonly known as the "baby teacher" because I do a lot of long-term sub positions for teachers on maternity leave. I also was a journalist for 12 years before I decided to go back to school for my teaching degree and certification. Because of this, I love to teach writing!"

Classroom Experience:
“I have been a substitute teacher for grades K-5 for 4 years.”

Some valuable things you've learned that would benefit other teachers, teacher-authors, or bloggers:
“I have learned that there is a huge resource of other teachers out there who are willing to share ideas, strategies, and solutions.”

Something cool, weird, or funny about you, OUTSIDE of the classroom:
“I love to sing and dance, but I do both very badly." J  

Advice for a beginning teacher? A Veteran Teacher?
"Don't be hesitant to ask questions. New teachers have lots of questions, and you should! Veteran teachers should continue to ask questions so that they continue to grow as teachers."

ONE great idea, lesson, or piece of advice learned from another blog:
“There was a wonderful lesson about fraction sundaes that I used with second graders. It worked so well. The students loved that it was ice cream and it really drove home the point of fractions!”

Here's a Cool Freebie Full of Reading and Writing Skills that Sub Hub Picked to Share with You! 
(Below are a few pics from the unit.)
Teachers Pay Teachers Free Teaching Resources for Substitutes
by SubHub
How Characters Change Over Time
Connections Chart, Cause and Effect, reading and writing skills
A Connections Chart
A TpT Freebie Rachel has Shared with You!
Cause and Effect Chart

At what online marketplaces/vendors does this talented teacher-author have stores?

A Helpful Hint for the Classroom:
"I use decorative hole punches and sticky notes for classroom management. I give the students a sticky note in the morning that they can write their name on and decorate. Then as they are showing good behavior, I give them hole punches. My favorite punch to use is a little frog one. At the end of the day, students in the top group get to choose from the prize box. It works really well for one-day subs."

How Can Other Teachers/Bloggers/Authors Stay Connected with Sub Hub?
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I would like to say THANKS to Rachel, for sharing your ideas and freebie with us! I totally bet she can both "dance" and "sing" too! ;) Be sure to swing by her blog and/or her store to see the goodies she has to offer! 
* Please, feel free to leave Rachel a comment below to show her some love and that you stopped by to read up about her! 
She'll love knowing that you picked up a few valuable pieces of info as well as her awesome freebie!! 
Have a great day!
Advice for a beginning teacher? Advice for A Veteran Teacher?

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