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Anticipation Guides in Kindergarten?

I'm thrilled to welcome Heather of Krazy About Kindy as a Guest Blogger today!

Krazy about Kindy Guest Post on Innovative Connections
Hi, Everyone!

This is Heather from Krazy about Kindy. I am so happy to be guest blogging today at Innovative Connections. A little background: I am currently working on my Master's Degree. In one of my courses they discussed anticipation guides. Being a kindergarten teacher, I had never heard of an anticipation guide.

An anticipation guide is an activity that is done at the beginning of a unit. You present students with four to six statements. Some statements are true and some are false. The students will guess which statements are true and which are false. Then, at the end of the unit, you revisit the anticipation guide and discuss whether the students were correct.

I could also see this being used as a form of assessment.

If I were using an anticipation guide, I would introduce it on chart paper. We would go over it whole group. Let's pretend it is the first day of school, and I am beginning my welcome to school unit. It would look something like this:
Heather Bridges of Krazy About Kindy Innovative Connections
We would discuss each statement and the class would decide if the statements were true or false. If they think the statement is true, color in the smiling face. If they think the statement is false, color in the sad face. After reading books and doing other fun learning activities, I would give each student a copy of the anticipation guide. I would read the statements and the students would color in the faces. I could take them up to use as an assessment. Then, we would go over the first anticipation guide and students could compare their answers.

I love the idea of using anticipation guides in Kindergarten! They activate prior knowledge at the beginning of a unit, as well as, are a great assessment tool at the end of a unit.

Now for a FREEBIE! I have made a blank anticipation guide for you to use. Enjoy!
An anticipation guide is an activity that is done at the beginning of a unit.

Have a great day!
activate prior knowledge at the beginning of a unit
Thanks to Heather for sharing this great info and freebie with us! Please leave Heather a little note below letting her know you stopped by, and feel free to tell us about incorporating anticipation guides into your lessons! We'd love to hear from you!


  1. I love anticipation guides! But have not used them with kindergarten. Thanks for the idea and for the freebie! I can use this with read alouds with my kinders. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks so much for stopping in, Lori! I'm sure Heather will appreciate your comment/thanks too! :) Be well, Ann Marie

  2. I love anticipation guides. I am a kindergarten teacher and use them too. My students actually look forward to using them. They always know that "a great story will shortly follow"! Great job on guest blogging! Some visit us sometime.

  3. I love this anticipation guide! I'm having trouble finding the link to download the freebie. Where can I find it?


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