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The Magic of Silent Movies in Creative Writing!

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I want to give a  SPECIAL "THANK YOU" to Adrianne Meldrum of The Tutor House for being a guest blogger today! She does, without a doubt, always have clever and spectacular ideas/activities to share. So, without further delay...

adrianne meldrum guest post innovative connectionsThere's something magical about silent movies.  Even without dialog, a story is conveyed.  How would the story be different if you could add dialog?  Using silent movies for a creative writing project or exercise could liven up your students creative juices.

I found three fun (short) silent movies that lend themselves well to adding dialog.  Two of them are old silent movies and the other is a modern day silent movie.  All of these videos are under a creative commons license. 

Divide your students into teams and assign a video.  Students will then work together to come up with dialog that goes along with the video.  They will need to come up with a title and then perform the voices for the videos.  Of course, you'll need to set some ground rules with no profane or inappropriate content allowed. 

You could also have students do their own voice over of the videos.  If you would prefer this method, please email me to receive an editable version of the video.

What kinds of stories do you think your students will come up with?

Video Sources: Video One, Video Two, Video Three

Adrianne Meldrum is a private tutor and author of The Tutor House, a blog dedicated to helping tutors find curriculum and business tips.


  1. Fabulous idea! Very clever! This would both entertain and engage students----how fun for the teacher and the students!

    1. I think Adrianne always does a wonderful job blogging! She shares such creative, fun, and GREAT ideas! I know she'll love reading your comment and thank you for writing, Carolyn! ;) Happy Weekend!!!

  2. I love this Ann Marie and Adrianne. What a great idea! My students would love this! We're launching a book club first thing in the new year, but I'm going to stash this idea away for safe keeping;)


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