Saturday, August 18, 2012

Students Back Full Force, and a Humorous Read!

So, it seems like I was just freaking out that school was about to start! Now, we are full force with lessons, daily activities, etc.!
This past week we spent some time reviewing the parts of speech. Well, okay, so we've been working for a week and a half and will continue with this next week! :) Gotta learn those parts of speech, ya know???
Anyway, I wanted to share what we did Friday. I do not know where the idea came from. Had I invented it myself, it would be a freebie I'd share with you. However, I'm sure many language arts teachers have done something similar!

Parts of Speech Poem:
1st: Give the students the Parts of Speech Poem Framework they will use to compose their own poems.
Innovative Connections

2nd: Provide an example. Here's one for you if you want to use it...

3rd: Let their imaginations create some creative poems that follow the framework given.

4th: Of course, encourage them to make it visually creative! That's always a nice addition and it takes away from the humdrum of a parts of speech practice. Plus, creatively displayed poems make for perfect wall know you want to plaster their awesome work on your walls!
I'll have to share the results with you come next week!
I searched and searched for my poems from last year that I kept for samples!! What do ya know...I can't find them! And, to top it off, one sample featured my Alma mater's  mascot that one of my boys did! Go Dawgs!! Gotta find them. Until then, hope you can incorporate this into your parts of speech lessons/reviews.

Now, for a little something funny...for the teacher! Not the student! :)
poems about students, teachers, school, and educationCheryl Thurston's Hide You Ex-Lax Under the Wheaties: Poems about schools, teachers, kids, and education---Check it out, you might like it!

What's a funny moment you can recall? We ALL have them! Tell us a quick and funny moment that's perfect for adding to your own book about teachers, students, etc.

Happy Saturday!
A Smith Innovative Connections language arts


  1. What a fabulous idea! Thanks!

    1. Thank YOU for swinging by and writing! You are welcome!!! :) Have a great rest of the week!


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