Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Oh so Pinteresting and Other Smiles to Share!!!

1st Item for Today:
Debbie Clement pinterest education Straight up GrammarI am baffled at all there is on Pinterest! What did we do before it came along?? There's so much to see. I just need more TIME!!!! Debbie Clement, of Rainbows Within Reach, has put together this spectacular link up for EDU-Pinners! What a plethora of Educators on Pinterest --See for yourself! As of the day I'm writing this post (Aug. 5th), there are 362 Edu-pinners linked up! HOLY MOLY!!! Be sure to read the rest of my post after bazillion link ups you find! You can browse in just a second!!! lol..
What would I like to brag about on Pinterest? The vast resources I've found via fellow blogger boards, collaborative boards, and so much more.... I went ahead a created a collaborative board too! "STRAIGHT UP GRAMMAR!" My reason for bragging is because I have rallied up about 21 awesome EDU-pinners/Teacher-Authors to contribute to this board. You are sure to find your grammar necessities here! It's still a new-born but is growing fast in pins and pinners! :)
So, be sure to swing by Rainbows Within Reach to (tell her Innovative Connections sent you, wink wink...) leave her a note about how easy she's made it for us to have instant access to hundreds of peeps in the education field!! You will rarely search again for them! I promise.
RainbowsWithinReach Innovative Connections A Smith

2nd Item for Today:
I would like to "SMILE" on and extend my thanks to Always a Lesson for passing along the Versatile Blogger Award to me. (Unfortunately, I'm just now getting to this....I feel bad, but blogging about it sort of slipped my mind!) Please swing by her blog and see what it is all about!
the versatile blogger award  favorite pinterest board
Hope you are having a fabulous day! Thanks for checking out my post.
Can you leave me the link to your one absolute FAVORITE pinterest board???? I would love to check it out!


  1. Awwwwww -- LUV the smiles from your direction to mine. Thanks for the shout-out. We've already passed the 400 mark and are still growing! Thanks for adding more ripples to the Edu-Pinners!

    Debbie Clement

    1. It was the least I cold do! Thanks for stopping by---it's amazing how many are linked up!!!! WOW!!

  2. I have had this pinned since the beginning of August and I just keep coming back to explore all of the links! It is just SUPER! I am glad you made this because it makes me smile! :)

    1. Thanks so much for venturing back to view and for writing. All the credit goes to Debbie Clement, Rainbows Within Reach, for creating the whole linkup!! :) I can't take credit even though I'd love to have come up with the idea!!! She is awesome!!!
      Be well!


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