Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Series of Educational Sites: "D"...EZSchool!

EZ Games for Students Innovative Connections  by Ann Marie Smith 

I've visited and used some wonderful resources from EZSchool for almost as long as I've been teaching! Do I dare say 11 years now? 
If you need to engage students (or your own children) in educational GAMES for that extra challenge or help, this is a great place to do it! It has a wide variety of games divided into grade level categories, making it super user-friendly!
variety of games divided into grade level categoriesClick Images to Find Out for Yourself...
Games, tutorials, study tools, and spelling are just some of the tabs to access resources on the site.
Besides all grades represented, EZSchool has all subject areas and various languages!!
As the logo tells you, it is "The Premier Educational Portal" for teachers and students.
For your convenience, subscribe to EZSchool's newsletter for updates, new resources, and other goodies! 
You'll gain lots of insightful information from reading the many articles linked up for you!

This is today's educational web site in the "A Series of Educational Sites" posts on Innovative Connections. 
I hope I've helped connect you to a supplemental resource to educate your students or children!! After all, that's the point! 

If you have used this site before, or you use this site quite often, I'd love to hear your feedback! Submit your thoughts in a comment below! Thanks so much for visiting Innovative Connections and letting me know how you implement EZSchool...
Innovative Connections A Series of Educational Sites

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