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Yvonne Crawford of Mixminder
Classroom Experience:
Innovative Connections by Ann Marie SmithI taught 11th and 12th grade in Texas - English Lit., SAT/ACT prep class and Teacher Cadet class. I taught all high school grades English as a foreign language in Hungary. I've also taught adults and college level EFL in France and in Slovakia. I homeschooled my children from Pre-K to 3rd grade. They are in school now so they can become fluent in French, but soon I will most likely go back to homeschooling. I'm currently teaching EFL in France in elementary school.

Some valuable things this teacher-author has learned that would benefit other teachers, teacher-authors, or bloggers to learn:
     I think I've learned through creating innovative products that you can make math fun. My own kids were so tired of math worksheets, so I decided to create my own fun things to make math more enjoyable. Then, I realized through emails that other moms (and teachers) were having much more fun teaching math with my materials. Their students were actually asking to study math which is a great thing! So, I guess the moral is the story that we , as educators, can actually change the perception of how a subject is viewed by students. We can all make a difference and make education more enjoyable for our students and children!

Something cool, weird, or funny, etc. about this teacher-author OUTSIDE of the classroom:
I love to design and create teddy bears. I have made about 20 mohair teddy bears. It takes a long time to sew them by hand and design them properly so that they are in proportion. I love it. It's a lot of fun! It's not really funny nor weird, but to me it's cool!

ONE great idea, lesson, or piece of advice, etc. learned from another blog:
Never forget why you started to teach in the first place. Sometimes this gets lost in the course of dealing with administration, other teachers, etc. But, don't lose sight of your love of teaching!

Featured Freebie by this teacher-author:
by Yvonne Crawford of Mixminder

A Helpful Hint for the Classroom:
When buying or downloading freebies from websites or from TPT for use in your classroom… Back them up! You never know when your computer will crash. Try a place like Dropbox to back them up. It's easy and you can organize them nicely by month, holiday or however you normally have them organized on your own computer.

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