Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unique, Significant, and Some Bizarre Holidays/Dates to Note & Maybe Share in Class:

We are all aware of the many well-known holidays such as New Year's Day,  Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Holiday (Birthday observed), Groundhog Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day...just to name a few!  
BUT, Did You Know These???
Dates I Don't See on My "Usual" Refrigerator Calendar & I Think Are Pretty Cool!
NOTE: I've started beyond today's date!
Though some dates are the same each year, others vary year to year---
Dates below are for January & February 2012
Those Noted in RED Tempt Me to Plan a Unique Lesson for Class! 
Certainly these make for spectacular writing prompts in various subjects!! 
Bath Safety Month
National Book Month   --Everyone should find a new book to read!
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month  
National Thank You Month--to remind us to say "Thank You" when we should!
National Eye Care Month
National Braille Literacy Month
National Hobby Month
Days in January:
17th Ditch New Years' Resolutions Day (lol...if you must)
18th Thesaurus Day; Maintenance Day; Winnie the Pooh Day
20th National Penguin Day
21st National Hugging Day & Squirrel Appreciation Day
23rd Chinese New Year* & National Handwriting Day---AND Measure Your Feet Day 
                    (I won't even comment on the feet...)
24th Belly Laugh Day
26th Australia Day 
28th National Fun at Work Day   (I will be sure to announce this at school!)
     *2nd New Moon after Winter Solstice-- Chinese New Year!

American Heart Month
Black History Month (Yes, I knew this & currently teaching a Unit involving it. :))
National Children's Dental Health Month
Chocolate Lover's Month   (Here's a teacher's excuse to eat chocolate for a  month!)
National Bird Feeding Month (I will have to add another bird feeder to my backyard!)
Days in February 
1st   National Freedom Day
2nd National Change Your Windshield Wipers Day
4th Thank a Mailman Day
8th  Boy Scout Day & Kite Flying Day
11th Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (Anyone Teaching Idioms?)& Make a Friend Day
17th Random Acts of Kindness Day; National Public Science Day
20th Love Your Pet Day
21st  Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras
22nd Be Humble Day, Walking the Dog Day (uh oh...I have 5 dogs...)
26th Tell a Fairy Tale Day
27th Polar Bear Day
28th National Tooth Fairy Day
29th LEAP DAY----Woah---I didn't realize it until today! 
           I am usually pretty good about donating blood, so I will be sure to put that on my "to-do" list for January! February, I must go for my dental check up, especially if I intend to use the chocolate excuse!  
It seems I have lots of planning to do---there are too many good lessons to be taught!
           I truly hope you found this post enjoyable, as I have thoroughly enjoyed conjuring up all sorts of things to do in class....knowing some of these unique holidays! I've enjoyed it so much that I think I may have to do this for every month!! Tune in For Upcoming Months!!! 

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