Thursday, January 19, 2012

Announcing Connect-a-Blog's New Move...

You just have to visit this spectacular Pre K thru 12 Collaborative Teaching Blog! 
           Connect-a-Blog has moved to a new site! You will find this blog one valuable resource no matter the grade you teach! It offers boocoodles (I love this word, as do my students) of resources, some priced and lots of free ones, in addition to great postings by a wide variety of contributing authors! Please check it out and visit its Facebook page, Twitter, & Pinterest Accounts!
           You will find it's a totally awesome teaching blog! Not to mention, you will have immediate access to many fabulous blogs you are already familiar with as well as others you will be glad to have found! Again, the contributing authors and their blogs provide resources in all grade levels and subjects! Do not miss out on bookmarking this web site! The blog is not new; however, it has been moved to a new site on Wordpress!
           Stop by & just see what you find! Please show your support by linking up with us! Find the blog link above and other social media links below:
Pinterest is AWESOME!
Twitter.....Here you go "Tweeters"
Need I really ask that you "Like" us on Facebook?
You are going to love this blog if you don't already! There are plenty of authors with fabulous blogs that sure think it's not to be missed out on if you are a teacher and/or blogger. Don't be the only one not a part of the community!!  :)
P.S. How are my persuasion tactics working? I'm currently teaching a persuasive writing unit in class....I hope I'm okay at it! :) Leave me a comment if I happened to persuade you to visit!! 
Have a great day---and weekend!

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