Thursday, April 04, 2013

Recycled Materials - Great for Organization Tools and Storage!

Hello all...Recycled materials - Are you a fan of organization tools and storage containers??? I am!
For those of you who enjoy scrap booking or tend to have lots of little "scrap" pieces of paper you keep to decorate items with (photos, collages, scrapbooks, classroom decor, art activities, student crafts, etc), I found myself looking for a perfect-sized container to keep all of mine in-nice and neatly... 
What I came up with was a FOIL WRAP BOX---just your every day foil wrap box from the kitchen. Instead of tossing it, recycle it!
1. I had a roll of white masking tape (not the manilla colored tape, but white) that I happened to find for under $1 at of my favorite stores (LOL)! 
I covered the box with this white tape...

2. After covering inside and outside box with the tape, I put all of the scrap booking pieces in it.

 3. Afterwards, I wanted attached a piece of Velcro under the flap to keep it closed--instead of tucking in the top flap. I guess you could tuck it in, but I had the Velcro and decided just to use it!

4. Last, I had to decorate the box with some of my scrap booking pieces because I just couldn't stand to leave it plain white! Ha...
Inside (and Velcro pieces)

That's it! Just wanted to show you because I just recycled items lying around! Possibilities are endless for classroom organization!! This is great also for colored pencils, skinny markers, grading pens, and all sorts of art supplies  (pipe cleaners, straws, Popsicle sticks, etc.)

Have a great Thursday!

Ann Smith TPT Innovative Connections


  1. Too cute! You're so darn crafty - I'm a little jealous!

    I might attempt this project in the summer.


  2. Oh took me like 10 mins! ;) Thanks for visiting!!! Seems like forever since I've been able to chit chat!!! Things are starting to slow down in life, which is great for me. (aaaahhhhhhhh) ;) Hope you are well.


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