Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Exchanging Positive Comments with Classmates on Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day! 
Along with Valentine's Day comes the exchanging of little "love tokens" ("love tokens" especially in middle school...) between those who "like" each other, have boyfriends/girlfriends, crushes, admirers, etc. But, we also know plenty of people (children, teens, adults too) who like to receive sweet little notes on this fun day! (Cupid does not absolutely have to be involved, right?) Sending a sweet note, positive comment, or smile someone's way is a great idea for the students (teachers too ;) ha!) 
That's why I ended up making this resource to encourage my students to exchange little notes with positive comments to each classmate--there's something positive in all of us and those positives should be acknowledged. It's a way to lift spirits, put a smile on a face, or just to let someone know you've "noticed" something good in him/her. 
A Smith Innovative Connections
So, why not have your students do the same. It's an inexpensive way to exchange "valentines" or "kind thoughts" on Valentine's Day! Grab the free resource in my TpT store

I'd love to hear your ideas for encouraging and promoting a positive environment in your classroom--for Valentine's Day as well as any other normal day at school!

We can all use these kinds of tips/ideas to boost the morale and warmth surrounding us each day at school. 
Happy Valentine's Day! (early..)


  1. I used to have my students write positive messages to each other on Valentine's Day, but this year we couldn't wait that long; they needed it before Christmas, haha. So this year they'll be writing about books they love. The Hershey Kiss flag application is a cute idea though; I hadn't seen this before. :)

    1. Oh, Amber I understand totally!! The books would be a fabulous idea for me....in language arts!! Thanks so much.


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