Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers

So, I've been "de-cluttering" my house lately, and I've been trying very hard to let go of old books---I've got way too many books- Novels, Textbooks from College, Textbooks my mother used as English Teacher, Children's books, Story Collections, Reference books, reference books, and reference books....WOAH! No way can one person use them all. Or, can I?
Anyhoo...I decided to sort through all them, organizing into "must keep" and "I'm thinking about it..." and "donate" so that I can stick to my "de-cluttering" plan! One of the steps includes cleaning out children's books and another is for going through all other books! Needless to say, I had lots to do!
I've decided to hang on to lots of my reference books. (Just can't part with them...)
And, I here are some of my "Go To" Books as a Language Arts Teacher: 
1. Vocabulary for Dummies (No, I'm not a "Dummie" but I do like these books---they have every subject under the sun!)--I actually have several others versions: Organizing, Spanish, Finances, and Acrylic Painting --wide array of subject areas I know!

My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers

2. The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy-What Every American Needs to Know (2nd Edition, Revised and Updated)
I <3 My Mom for getting this for me several years ago! It's so cool...a National Bestseller! There is an unbelievable amount of information in this book! 

My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers
3. The Writer's Brief Handbook (I actually "stole" this from my husband--he had it from law school--but I make better use of it!) 
My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers
4. The Writer's Options-Lessons in Style and Arrangement (6th Edition)
---One of my college textbooks, it still has the campus book store sticker ;)
My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers

As I was writing this post, I remembered a link up from this time a year ago that Stephanie of Teaching in Room 6 did that really exposed me to some great titles. you might like to look through others' favorites! It dawned on me when I was about to add my 5th book -The Little Brown Handbook!
The edition I have is no longer printed, so I will be hanging on to it for years to come! However, tons of editions are available!
My Favorite "Go-To" Books for Language Arts Teachers

Anyhoo, that's my list of favs as a language arts teacher and wife of an attorney (who always has me proof documents-hahahahaha-gotta love doing that)!

As my students begin the research paper process this quarter, we'll be utilizing these a lot!

So,  what could you never part in terms of a resource book? I am apparently always adding to my collection of books! Love them!!


  1. What are you planning on doing with some of your books? I am trying to schedule book fairs to attend, do you think they have a lot of educational books?

    1. Are you asking if the book fairs would have a lot of educational books? I've boxed up lots of old novels, textbooks to donate. Some of them YA novels, children's novels/books, and some adult reads.


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