Saturday, September 29, 2012

October: Special Days, Weeks, Events of the Month

October is One Busy Month!

I have quite a bit on my "to-do" list, both in the classroom and at home! After learning of all the "special days" for October, my list has gotten longer... Have a look at some below! I had to post this today so you could get started on any additions you want to make to your plans for the first week of the month!

1st week- 
  • Get Organized Week
Cleaning Out the Clutter! Throwing Away Tons of Papers "To Be Filed" and Never Got Filed!
That Garbage Bag in Pic is a LARGE YARD/LEAF Sized Bag!!! 
2nd week- 
  • National Pet Peeve Week --Do I Smell a Journal Prompt???? ;)
  • International Letter-Writing Week 
3rd week-
  • Teen Read Week -I love all of the mystery/fantasy books we use in literature circles for our Mystery/Fantasy Unit starting next week! See More about Teen Read Week Here

4th week-
  • Peach, Friendship, and Good Will Week
October is the month for:
  • Breast Cancer Awareness-- Visit Pink for October for badges, buttons, and backgrounds to show your support! I already changed my Facebook cover photo! And, here's one of their cute seasonal badges! ---------->
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month -You knew I'd squeeze something for my 4-legged friends in this post! I actually donate monthly to ASPCA! There are tons of things to teach young children and teens in regards to animals (responsibility, treatment, care, needs, etc.)
  •  Streaming video by Ustream
  • Energy Awareness 
  • Computer Learning
  • National Stamp Month
  • Squirrel Awareness Month
  • Positive Attitude Month
Days for many of us to note: 
  • World Vegetarian Day- October 1
  • First Day of Sukkot October 1 
  • International Day of Non-Violence- October 2
  • World Farm Animals Day - October 2
  • Balloons Around the World Day - October 3
  • National Poetry Day- October 4
  • World Animal Day - October 4
  • Do Something Nice Day - October 5
  • World Teachers' Day - October 5
  • Columbus Day (Observed) - October 8
  • World Post Day- October 9
  • Fire Prevention Day - October 9
  • National Stop Bullying Day - October 10
  • Dictionary Day - October 16
  • National Chocolate Cupcake Day - October 18 (Excuse for Class Cupcakes?? I think so!)
  • Rainforest Day - October 19
  • Reptile Awareness Day - October 21
  • iPod Day - October 23
  • United Nations Day- October 24
  • National Forgiveness Day - October 27
  • Summer Time Ends/Europe - October 28
  • National Cat Day - October 29
  • Internet Day - October 29
  • Halloween - October 31
Busy month, I'll say! 
What do you have planned for your students during October?


  1. I love October and some fun dates!! Thanks for sharing this, Ann Marie!! This month is busy!!!
    Peace, Love, and First Grade

    1. Thanks for writing, Laura! I love October and hope to fit TONS into class! :) Be well!

  2. Oh, not just pumpkins and candy? I like your calendar days and photos and ideas. Thank you for reminding us before the month is over!


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